Fluids while Pregnant

Water is the foundation of every living thing, including your baby…


It’s important to know what to eat while pregnant, and part of that is to understand about fluids. Why is it so important to drink while pregnant? How much should a pregnant woman drink, and what sorts of fluid?


Water and the Human Body

Almost 70% of the human body is made out of water. It is a major component of our blood, brain, muscles, internal organs and pretty much everything in our body. In addition, water is crucial for many processes that our body performs, such as:

  • Maintaining our body temperature
  • Carrying nutrients to various organs and tissues in the body
  • Transporting oxygen to the cells
  • Carrying waste outside of our body
  • Proper functioning of the joints
  • And more…

So there’s no argue that drinking water is important, especially for pregnant women…!

Drink Up: Water and your Pregnancy Diet

So why is it so important for pregnant women to drink plenty as part of their pregnancy diet? Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Dehydration is more likely to happen while pregnant
  • Not drinking enough during the thirds trimester might lead to preterm labor
  • Drinking enough treats and even prevents some of the most common nuisances of pregnancy – constipation, hemorrhoids, bladder infections and more
  • Water prevents pregnant women’s skin from turning dry and itchy

And as if all of those aren’t enough –

  • Your body uses water to deliver many nutritional ingredients to your baby!

The Bottom Line: How much and what to Drink while Pregnant?

The recommended daily amount of fluids for a pregnant woman is about 10 cups, which equals to about 80 ounces (about 2.5 liters).

Women who breast feed should drink even more – about 13 cups or 100 ounces (3 liters).

Naturally, after exercising or during hot days, it is recommended to drink even more.

As for what exactly should a pregnant woman drink – first and foremost she should drink water of the best quality available. If you are not fond of drinking clear water try flavoring it with a squeeze of lemon or orange. It will make the water taste better, provide you some vitamins and might even help overcoming morning sickness.

Tip for staying hydrated:

Every morning fill a jar, bottle or a different kind of container with about 10 cups of water (the recommended daily amount for pregnant women). During the day simply sip from it every now and then. Your goal is to drink it all before you go to sleep…!

In addition to water, you might enjoy drinking juices as fresh and natural as possible, some milk and cold herbal tea. Some foods can also provide you fluid – watermelon and lettuce to name a couple.

A common question related to drinking during pregnancy is how much coffee or tea (contains caffeine) is considered safe? The answer, according to some recent studies, is that 1-2 cups are ok for both the mother and the baby. More than this holds certain risks.

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