Privacy Policy

The owners and operators of While Pregnant understand and share your privacy concerns. In this Privacy Policy you will find all the details regarding privacy and information sharing while using this website and its services.

Note that this document is an in integral part of the site’s Terms of Use. Therefore, by visiting While Pregnant and/or using any of its services you hereby accept this Privacy Policy, so please read it thoroughly. We may perform changes in the Privacy Policy from time to time. Whenever such changes will happen a notification on the website and/or its social media channels will be published.

Information Gathering
To serve you in the best possible way, While Pregnant may track and/or collect certain types of information from you and/or your computer. This includes mostly (but not limited to) your type of computer/mobile device, your web browser, server domain names, IP addresses, and more. We may also collect information you personally provide us or upload to the site, such as (but not limited to) Email addresses, user personal preferences, and more.

While Pregnant may send to your computer different files or software, such as but not limited to cookies, pixels, web beacons, and more. You may decline the use of such devices in your web client software and other means. Note that While Pregnant takes no responsibility on the results and outcomes of enabling or declining the technological mean mentioned above.

Collection of Information by Third Party Websites
While Pregnant may include third party’s services on some of the pages of the site. Some of these companies might collect information from users, mostly of technical, anonymous nature, which will be used for improving the services these third parties can offer you. Note that clicking third parties’ links which appear in our website or social media channels you may enter sites which are not under While Pregnant’s responsibility and you will be subject to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While Pregnant is not liable or responsible to the nature of such third party websites’ terms of use and information collection policies. Using these sites and their services is solely under the user’s responsibility. Therefore, we recommend that once you enter a third party website you will read their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Use and Sharing of Information
While Pregnant will only make internal use of the information it collects to improve its services to you and other users. For example, we might use the information we collect for statistics, revealing and solving technical problems, administrative and marketing means, and more. Note that While Pregnant reserves the right to contact users in various means for commercial purposes.

While Pregnant will not share any personal information users might provide us with third parties (such as names, addresses, phone numbers), unless it is needed to fulfill the user’s specific requests; we are asked by law authorities to provide a specific users’ details; we find it necessary in order to protect the site, its users, owners, operators, affiliates, partners, property and assets (including copyrighted content).

Note that if you will choose to share any personal details and information in the site and/or its social media channels it will be visible for other users and third parties, and that While Pregnant is not liable or responsible for any use those users and third parties might do with the information you provide. You are the sole responsible for leaving any personal information in the site.

Note that our third party advertisers and affiliates might use anonymous information they collect from you computer in order to present you with certain advertisements in this site and in others.

In accordance with specific user’s request, we may share personal information with third parties. In such cases, While Pregnant is not responsible for the use of any third party in the shared information and it is the user’s responsibility to be aware of the third party’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

While Pregnant is taking reasonable security measures to keep your information and personal details as secured as possible. Notwithstanding the above, we cannot guarantee the full security of this information, including information transmitted to us via Email. Therefore, although we take great effort to keep the information we gatherssecured, we are not responsible for any disclosure of user information if the site or any communication between us and the user was hacked, breached or was under electronic attack, and/or if the site’s operators and/or its physical storage devices were attacked, stolen or damaged or lost in any natural disaster or political violent conflict. Also, all personal and impersonal information stored and/or collected in this website will be shared with law authorities if we are asked.