The Power of Garlic


Garlic has so many benefits, that it might be referred to as a “super – veggie”. Besides repelling vampires, garlic has a delicious – if a bit sharp – taste and it holds many medicinal properties. It is easily grown and all of its parts are edible. But is it advisable to consume while pregnant?


Strengthening your Immune System

As we all know, being pregnant is not an easy job. One of the side effects of this wonderful process is the weakening of your immune system. This is why pregnant women are more prone to flu and colds. While pregnant, you do not want to put any additional stress on your body, stress that may lead to complications. Garlic is an amazing natural remedy for your immune system.

Strong Immune System

When we cut or crush a clove of garlic, we release an active compound called Allicin. Allicin is responsible for the distinctive smell of garlic, but more importantly, it is known for its medicinal benefits. Allicin will, potentially, act as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent.

Oh My Garlic!

Research made in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital shows that garlic can lower the risk of pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is characterized by high blood pressure and very high values of proteins in the urine of pregnant women. Left untreated, it may develop to eclampsia and endanger your life and your baby’s. Allicin is also known for reducing blood pressure.

“Don’t hold the garlic, Mother”

Would you like to be able to make you kids eat their veggies? If you would, you had better get started while they are still in your belly. Research shows that consuming large amounts of garlic while pregnant will affect the taste and smell of your amniotic fluid. Among other things, amniotic fluid is your baby’s “food”. Eating a lot of garlic will basically season your amniotic fluid. In the research, babies who were exposed to garlic in the womb showed interest in the flavor as newborns. We already established that garlic is good for you. Would you not want your kid to like it?


Beside the smell, there are generally no known side effects of consuming large quantities of garlic but as is the case with most things, it is best not to exaggerate. Avoid eating if you are taking anticlotting medication. Consuming garlic is also known to worsen baby’s colic, so avoid if breastfeeding.

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