The Ultimate Breakfast


How many times did you hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? I never believed it until I started eating in the morning. I have to say that it changed my life. All of a sudden, I was not tired two hours after I woke up. It was easier to work, my body was full of energy and I wasn’t hungry all the time. I only regret that it took me 30 years to listen to common knowledge…

Healthy Pregnancy

The Power of Nature

Pregnant women need their strength. It is also advised to eat as healthy as possible if you want to have a healthy pregnancy. That is why homemade granola is the perfect breakfast for you. It will pump your body with vitamins and will power you up for the whole day. Here is my granola recipe, provided with the basic ingredients and their benefits for your pregnancy diet:

  • 250 g Oats – This wonderful grain, domesticated first in the Bronze Age in Europe, is the basic ingredient for your granola. It is full of fiber and will help you reduce pregnancy bloating. It is also a good source of protein and vitamins which will strengthen you in your pregnancy.
  • 50 g Nuts – Nuts are just amazing. Different nuts have different effects on the body but in general they are good for you and you baby. It is now believed that eating nuts while pregnant may reduce the risk of allergies for your unborn baby. Walnuts are my favorite as they are known to reduce cholesterol levels, risk of heart attacks and they are delicious.
  • 50 g Dries fruits – Tasty and crazily healthy, dried fruits are a must in your granola. (Link to Dried fruit article).
  • 2 tbs Oil – Oil will make your granola crispy and tasty. I use only olive oil or coconut oil since they are both healthy. Among many beneficial effects, olive oil will provide you and your baby vitamin E. Coconut oil contains a large amount of Lauric acid, an anti-microbial fatty acid that will protect your immune system.
  • 2 tbs Honey – Before you jump, know that pasteurized honey is perfectly safe for pregnant women. Do not use it if you have kids under one year old. It is by no means a must, and you can always replace it with sugar, other sweetener or nothing at all.

Ultimate Breakfast

Mix all the ingredients in a deep bowl, transfer it to a flat baking pan and bake for 20-30 minutes on 160 centigrade. Mix every 5-10 minutes until brownish. Let it cool down before you store or eat. Serve in a bowl with your favorite fruits and cover with yogurt.

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