18 Pregnancy Fun Facts

Here are some less-known yet interesting pregnancy facts

Pregnancy Fun Facts
  1. The average woman’s uterus expands up to five times its normal size.
  2. Tall women are more likely to conceive twins.
  3. 22% of twins are born left-handed
  4. Amniotic fluid is primarily sterile urine
  5. A fetus will start moving after about 8 weeks of pregnancy.
  6. The baby’s lungs are the last organ to develop.
  7. Your body gains at least 6.6 liters of fluid during pregnancy.
  8. Cramps during pregnancy are linked to low levels of magnesium or calcium.
  9. Babies born with a tooth is one in every two thousand.
  10. Fingerprints are acquired at three months as a fetus.
  11. Birthmarks are NOT caused by accidents that happen during pregnancy.
  12. There is a 20% chance of conception each month.
  13. Pregnant women really do experience glowing skin due to increases blood flow and more active oil glands because of hormones.
  14. A male fetus can get erections in the womb
  15. Your feet can grow up to one full size.
  16. Fathers may show symptoms of pregnancy too. (weight gain, morning sickness, cramps)
  17. 38% of weight gain is actually the weight of the baby.
  18. A fetus can hear, see and feel while in the womb.
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