Picking Your Veggies

Wouldn't you like to make sure that you and your family are eating the best fruits and vegetables you can get? Here are some tips for keeping your pregnant body as healthy as possible!

Picking Veggies

The Definition of Organic Food

Let’s start with organic food. For many years now we hear and read about the benefits of organic food. Is it really so amazing? The answer is – not always.  The definition of organic food changes from country to country. The general standards of certified organic food include:

  • No fertilizers based on human wastes.
  • Before certification, the farmland has to be free of chemicals for several years.
  • No use of synthetic chemicals as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and so on.
  • Periodical inspections.
  • No use of GMOs

There are different levels of certifications. Some, like the German Demeter are Bio-Dynamic and therefore very strict. Others, usually controlled by the governments, are less so.


Fresh Veggies for Your Loved Ones

picking veggiesOrganically grown food will be only the first sign of healthier food. Freshness is the second thing to think about. What are the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables for a pregnant woman? They are full of vitamins, fibers and minerals. Vitamins are very important for your pregnancy! They will strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy.  While pregnant, more than ever, your body is your shrine. Try thinking of the vegetables as the offerings you place on it.

So how will you make sure that you pick the freshest, healthiest fruits and vegetables?  Easy, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Buy your veggies in the local farmer’s market – that will ensure that your veggies did not travel for thousands of kilometers. It will also support your neighbors. Fresh fruits and vegetables will pump you with vitamins that will keep you healthy.
  2. Get to know the farmers you buy from – if possible, go and visit their farm and see how they grow their fruits and vegetables.
  3. Prefer small scale farms – the bigger the farm, the more impact it has on the environment and therefore on your health. Usually, smaller farms may be more attentive to their fruits and vegetables.

Now that is left is to relax and enjoy the fruits of your day. Eat a salad once a day and enjoy a delicious meal by cooking one of our special recipes.

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