Pomegranate while Pregnant

It's packed with vitamins, minerals and antitoxins, so have some pomegranate; it's good for your pregnancy diet.


One of the most beneficial foods you should include in your pregnancy diet is the pomegranate. For some reason it doesn’t get much attention, or the credit it deserves.  The following was written to do justice with this awesome fruit, and show why you should have it in your diet while pregnant.



Pomegranate in you Pregnancy Diet

An average pomegranate weighs about 10 oz (280 grams). It contains about 29mg of vitamin C, which is almost half of the recommended daily amount for a pregnant woman (which is 80mg). It also has about 100 micrograms of folic acids, which is about a quarter of the recommended daily amount, as well as 9-11 grams of fiber, which is about half of what a pregnant woman needs every day.

Pomegranates are also packed with is antitoxins. These ingredients are extremely important for the mother’s health and immune system. They lower blood pressure, prevent various kinds of cancer, and give the skin a younger, healthier look. More than that, many studies have concluded that antitoxins lower the risks of many pregnancy and labor complications.

In addition to all these, pomegranate have an impressive quantities of other much-needed nutritional ingredients, such as vitamins from the B group, potassium, magnesium, iron and even protein.

Did you know …?

Did you know that many ancient cultures considered the pomegranate as a fruit with healing virtues? For example:

  • Ancient Egyptians used it to treat tape worms
  • Medieval doctors used it to stop bleedings, ease headaches and treat infections
  • Traditional Middle Eastern cultures used it to treat skin rash, dandruff and gums problem

Many contemporary alternative medicine practitioners, as well as traditional medicine experts, still use pomegranate for similar purposes, and more.

There’s no doubt that pomegranate is good for your pregnancy diet. Therefore, a pregnant woman can enjoy between half to a whole pomegranate every day. It can be eaten as it is, but some nutrition experts recommend to avoid swallowing the seeds, since they might lead to constipation. A cup of freshly-squeezed pomegranate juice is a good solution for that, especially since a study from May 2012, which was published in the “American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism”, found a connection between having pomegranate juice while pregnant to lowering the risk of injuring to the placenta. More than that, it seems that having pomegranate juice while pregnant lowers the risks of brain damage for the baby, which sometimes occurs during birth.

Important note: recent study of the University of Maryland found a connection between pomegranate seed extract to uterine extractions. Therefore, while pregnant, avoid such products, and only have fresh pomegranate or fresh pomegranate juice. Also, if you suffer from kidney stones, it is recommended to avoid pomegranate juice.

We encourage you to consult with your nutrition expert before making any major changes in your pregnancy diet.

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